Bobby Chez American Flag Sighting

Saw an American Flag proudly flying at Bobby Chez.

According to Bobby Chez website Bobby started his career cooking burgers with his mom at Woodcrest country club. Then Bobby became head chef and his restaurant in Westbound,New Jersey. This is where he was know for his excellent award winning jumbo lump crab cakes. Now Bobby Chez is all over New Jersey places like Collinswood, NJ , Sewell, NJ, Cherry Hill, NJ and Mt. Laurel, NJ




American Flag at Core Care Technologies, Inc.

American Flag sighting at Core Care Technologies Inc


Just another company proudly flying the American flag.







SnapLock Truly Made in The U.S.A.


SnapLock truly made in The U.S.A.
American flag at SnapLock Industries

SnapLock Truly Made in The U.S.A.

Snaplock industries is a family run modular flooring company in Salt Lake City Utah. Their 150,000 square foot manufacturing of all their products runs 24 hours, 365 days a year. SnapLock has been in flooring business for more than 30 years. SnapLock is the parent company of RaceDeck® garage flooring, SnapSports® athletic surfaces, DuraGrid® matting , FastDeck® portable floors and SnapLock® dance floors. According to SnapLock website their products are truly made in America.

I watched a commercial about their products and that is where I discovered their website with the American flag flying in front of their business. What a beautiful picture. I had to reach out to them and get their permission to use and tell their incredible story. SnapLock  proud enough to fly the American flag. SnapLock is also proud to make all their products here in the great USA. An article on their website stating, truly made in U.S.A caught my eye. I know many companies say made in America but you often wonder if all their products really are.

SnapLock makes their products in the U.S.A at 100 percent.

Check out SnapLock’s about us page where whey explain how they are truly in-house from designing to producing their own molds. Even to the person who loads the truck for shipment. 100% American made from start to finish. It is great to here about a company that is committed to do everything in house and not relying on outsourcing.

Keeping it Green

If you go to SnapLock’s website you will see the page titled, Keeping it Green. SnapLock gives you bullet points on how they are the greenest manufacturing facilities in the modular. Some things they do is recycle all papers and cardboard. They also use steel in their molds recyclable. They strive many more ways to keep their facility green.


Astro outdoor advertising

astro outdoor advertising flying the American flag
astro outdoor advertising flying the American flag

Driving down the road I notice an American flag flying at Astro Outdoor Advertising. I remember Astro signs.  I have notice them form many years. when I go to local area stores and businesses and see the signs that where made by this company.

Go to their website They have a very interesting history and a lot of samples of their great work. You will see on their website that they offer many services. Billboard advertising, production, design, installation, maintenance, digital printing and more. Oh and by the way, they offer Flags and flag poles. Click on the installation on their site and see Astro working on one of their customers who is Franklin Trailers and you will see Franklin’s American flag flying in the back ground.

What an interesting businesses, think about it, a business needs a sign or a billboard to advertising and of course American flags and flag poles.

On Astro website they mention some good advise to businesses. They say for billboard advertising Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. 80% less than TV commercials, 60% less than newspaper ads and 50% less than radio. As a business you going have to  think about advertising. Advertising on a billboard may not be a bad idea.

As a business you want a clean and eye catching sign and yes of course a beautiful American flag. So fly your American flag and let me know so I can post about your business on my American flag sighting blog.

Here or some entrepreneur quotes from

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”  Albert Einstein

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”  Winston Churchill

and one of my favorite- “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney



Original Great American Steak

American Flags flying in outdoor dining

I was in El Paso,Texas again for a few weeks. As I was there we stop at a Steak restaurant. As we pulled up to the restaurant the first thing I notice was American Flags flying in the outside dining area. I took some pictures of the outside area. We walked inside and order a steak burger because it was just too hot outside in Texas in July. Original Great American Steak are know for their steaks and steak burgers. I ordered their well known steak burger, and to my surprise I was served a juicy burger with a little American flag.

Yes, an American Flag sighting on my steak burger.

American Flag Sighting
American Flag Sighting on my steak burger

If you go to their web site   you can read their about us page where you can learn how they are family own company and their company history. While you are on their website look at their menu. If you are in the area check them out, very good food with a great view.

Original Great American Steak

A great place for family, great food and a great view from the Franklin Mountains.

I can drive around and see many diners with American Flags flying but usually not restaurants. I only have one post of a diner flying the American flag because I  was just starting to post American Flag Sighting and that was a diner near my home town

Just another example of a great American business and proud enough  to fly American flag. well in this case flying many American Flags.


American Flags Along Route 26

Liquor store
Small business Liquor Store
Produce stand
American Flag at a Stone yard
Produce Stand
Produce Stand
Stone Yard
Stone Yard

Along Route 26

Driving along Route 26 headed to the beaches in Delaware I noticed all the American flags Flying in front of businesses not because it’s Fourth of July but because these businesses fly proudly all year long.

American Flags Along Route 26
American Flags Along Route 26
American Flags Along Route 26
American Flags Along Route 26

 American Flags Flying Along Route 26

From small a small Deli named Ocean view Deli to condo’s I passed by the usually flag flying businesses like fast food restaurants, car lots and Banks. But I love seeing the hundreds of other small businesses of American Flags along Route 26. I wish I could stop and get a history of their business. How they got started and what or who inspired them.

Wecom inc proudly flying American flag

Wecom inc proudly flying American flag
Wecom inc Flying American Flag


WECOM inc a sheet metal fabrication and a laser cut company. Proudly flying an American flag.

Tuck in the corner of a little side street about a block from a small town post office in New Jersey, I notice an American flag flying. It wasn’t a Government building like a Fire or Police Department but was hard to see from where I was. After my business in the post office I took a drive down that little side street.


There it was, I forgot all about this company. According to their website Wecom Inc was started in 1961. WECOM inc is a precision sheet metal fabrication company. Some are their work includes aerospace, food, electronic, railroad and many more. Here’s a link to their about me page so can see the work they specialized in. Wecom inc, proud enough to fly the American Flag.

I spoke to an employee who has been at this company going on 24 years who is CAD guy. He said that Wecom is own by 2nd generation family. Two brothers own now started by their father in 1961. There you have it someone had a vision or need or just a desire to take a chance and start their own company. This person was able to past it down to his kids.

 Just another example of American engineering and entrepreneurship. A company likes this bring jobs into this small town which in returns brings revenue to the town.

Here are some inspirational quotes I found on Business Insider

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” —Guy Kawasaki, Alltop co-founder and entrepreneur

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” —Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder