The Tackle Shop

The Tackle shop in Alpine, Arizona

On our way to the Grand Canyon we stop at a little place for gas and snacks. Look at the little place call The Tackle Shop flying the American Flag. A little American business out in the middle of no where proudly flying the American flag.https://www.alpinearizona.com/directory/shopping/tackle-shop/


Caterina Supply


Caterina Supply proudly flying American Flag in front of their building. Storm Drainage ,Septic tanks among other water works material

Byers Industrial services.

According to their about page , Byers was founded in 1972 by Frank Byers.  Byers started at residential wiring to medium sized commercial projects. Eventually they grew to working school construction, water sewer  treatment plants and other public construction plants .https://www.byersindustrial.com/

Byers proudly flying

Rayovac’s Flag Sighting

Rayovac Portage, WI plant
Rayovac’s Portage, WI plant

Rayovac’s Portage, WI plant is proudly flying the American Flag. This Battery company, has a long history starting back in 1906. They manufacture batteries, flashlights, bulbs, chargers and more. The picture here in this post is their plant in Portage, WI. They are  celebrating 50 years at this site. I contacted Rayovac and a representative mentioned that they have facilities in Fennimore, Portage (as shown above)and Middleton Wisconsin in which they all are proudly flying the American Flag. Proudly made in America and flying the American Flag. 

Rayovac will be celebrating 110 years of American (Wisconsin) manufacturing in January 2016.

Furthermore, battery technology has come a long way. In 1906 Rayovac started selling a 6 inch battery cell to be used in telephones. Look at our smart phones today.

Look at our  batteries now, look how far technology has come. Flashlight batteries start to sell in 1910. Jump ahead to 1988 they introduces a new computer clock battery for personal computers, as well as other devices

Rayovac’s Products

Here are some of Their products.

  • General Lights-Nitglow storm prep 2AA light, Nitglow storm prep 3AA combo and 14 LED 3AAA Glow in the dark flashlight to name a few
  • Work lights-Virtually indestructible 3LED Lantern,  Virtually indestructible LED 4C beam Lantern and Virtually indestructible LED 3AAA flashlight
  • outdoor lights-The Beast 2000 Flashlight, Virtually Indestructible LED 3D Lantern, Virtually Destructible LED 6AA spotlight and more.
  • Flashlights-Virtually indestructible Lights Bundle,Emergency Kit Bundle, Home and away Kit Bundle. and more.
  • Bulbs-Fluorescent Bulb Kit, K13 Krypton Bulb and K4 Krypton Bulb.

Buddeez Flying American flag

Buddeez American Flag
Buddeez Flying the American flag outside of the Manufacturing Building

Buddeez Flying the American Flag
American Flag inside Buddeez manufacturing building.

Buddeez Flying The American Flag

As I was walking through Lowes Home improvement hardware aisle, I notice these containers on the shelf in which you can hold and store hardware. I also notice the little American flag on the plastic container which caught my attention. I had to go and look up for more information on this company named Buddeez Manufacturing. Of course the first thing I notice was a picture of Buddeez Flying the American Flag. I read further and was interested in the history and all the products they manufacturer. One of the products I actually use to store my dog food.

Buddeez Manufacturing

Buddeez Manufacturing is a nationally recognized plastic injection molding company. Their employees have a combined 200 years of experience in molding and tooling. Some of their certifications include NSF Compliant Facility, certified Walmart Global Secure Facility, Approved co-packer for Mars Pet Care and others. Buddeez Manufacturing building is a 75000 square foot of warehousing. It is located near interstate 44 and interstate 70 where they can bring materials in and finished products out, according to their about us on their website.


If you read their about us page you can also learn that Charlie Hall had a vision. ” Make good American Made Products that people can really use. Make them well – make them here – make them affordable.” Another example of a great American business who had a vision and proudly flying the American flag.

A vision is how most businesses start. One person with an idea can solve a problem, start a new trend or improve your life. This is what makes America great, the freedom to have a vision and guts to implement it. Great companies like Buddeez should inspire others to start a company and make something in this great U.S.A. like they did.

If you want your products made with experience and quality and in the U.S.A get a hold of Buddeez manufacturing.

I got a hold of Buddeez via e-mail for permission to use their pictures. So I thank you Buddeez for allowing me to use your great American Flag pictures

Marlyn Sheet Metal

Tucked away down a small town in South Jersey is Marlyn Sheet Metal. As I drove by a notice a American Flag right outside their building.

Marlyn Sheet metal provides manufacture welded, brazed and rivited sheet assemblies for HVAT and other sheet metal fabrications

marlyn Heet Metal inc

American Flag Flying at Joseph Fazzio inc

American Flag Flying at Joseph Fazzio
American Flag Sighting


American Flag Flying at Joseph Fazzio Inc

Joseph Fazzio was founded in 1965 by Joseph p. Fazzio. Today it is still a family owned third generation company. Joseph Fazzio has two locations, Glassboro and Farmingdale, New Jersey. Glassboro is the head quarters sitting on 28 acre site offering a massive 36,000 ton inventory. Fazzio’s has way too many items to list here. They have industrial supplies including steel, metal which include sheets of steel, tubing, beams and etc. They also provide fabrication service like plasma cutting and drilling just to name a few. Joseph Fazzio also has new and used industrial surplus like welders, welding supplies, abrasives, lifting & rigging, anchors, cutting tools, material handling, fleet & trailer supplies, masonry products. Joseph Fazzio’s even sell on eBay. To get a full view of their services and products go to their web site https://www.shopjfi.com/

Fazzio Has Almost Everything

Fazzio started some years ago with just a house and a small building. The founder would buy from companies that were going out of business mostly hardware and industrial businesses.  He would simple resell that product. After years of growing it was very common for one to say try Fazzio’s they have almost everything.


I believe I heard though others who know the founder that he really had a small farm and sold produce. Joseph had a vision, most people in that area had farms so he had a vision to buy from used and new products from hardware stores and resell sell it. Read a good article in inc.com about vision. Like Joseph he had a vision but he executed it.

Bobby Chez American Flag Sighting

American Flag proudly flying at Bobby Chez.

According to Bobby Chez website Bobby started his career cooking burgers with his mom at Woodcrest country club. Then Bobby became head chef and his restaurant in Westbound,New Jersey. This is where he was know for his excellent award winning jumbo lump crab cakes. Now Bobby Chez is all over New Jersey places like Collinswood, NJ , Sewell, NJ, Cherry Hill, NJ and Mt. Laurel, NJ

American Flag at Core Care Technologies, Inc.

American Flag sighting at Core Care Technologies Inc


Just another company proudly flying the American flag.







SnapLock Truly Made in The U.S.A.


SnapLock truly made in The U.S.A.
American flag at SnapLock Industries

SnapLock Truly Made in The U.S.A.

Snaplock industries is a family run modular flooring company in Salt Lake City Utah. Their 150,000 square foot manufacturing of all their products runs 24 hours, 365 days a year. SnapLock has been in flooring business for more than 30 years. SnapLock is the parent company of RaceDeck® garage flooring, SnapSports® athletic surfaces, DuraGrid® matting , FastDeck® portable floors and SnapLock® dance floors. According to SnapLock website their products are truly made in America.

I watched a commercial about their products and that is where I discovered their website with the American flag flying in front of their business. What a beautiful picture. I had to reach out to them and get their permission to use and tell their incredible story. SnapLock  proud enough to fly the American flag. SnapLock is also proud to make all their products here in the great USA. An article on their website stating, truly made in U.S.A caught my eye. I know many companies say made in America but you often wonder if all their products really are.

SnapLock makes their products in the U.S.A at 100 percent.

Check out SnapLock’s about us page where whey explain how they are truly in-house from designing to producing their own molds. Even to the person who loads the truck for shipment. 100% American made from start to finish. It is great to here about a company that is committed to do everything in house and not relying on outsourcing.

Keeping it Green

If you go to SnapLock’s website you will see the page titled, Keeping it Green. SnapLock gives you bullet points on how they are the greenest manufacturing facilities in the modular. Some things they do is recycle all papers and cardboard. They also use steel in their molds recyclable. They strive many more ways to keep their facility green.