Pieco services

A beautiful day for an American Flag flying at Pieco services


Pieco Services is a property maintenance company. According to their website, they are a one-source service provider of landscaping and property maintenance. They have a 20-year track record of quality work for commercial building owners, retail centers, industrial complexes, corporate facilities, multi-unit housing developments and residential estates.

Author: karlritter

I am on a quest, maybe you can help. I love seeing American flags flying. I just get chills of pride. I think it is great to see American flags flying in front of businesses big or small. I think of how the company got started, who owns it, who are the people behind it and what do they do. Service or product ?. Isn't this one of the things that makes this country great? I am talking about, entrepreneurship. I am gathering a list in m travels of companies big or small proud enough to fly the American Flag.Here are a few businesses flying the American flag.

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