SnapLock Truly Made in The U.S.A.


SnapLock truly made in The U.S.A.
American flag at SnapLock Industries

SnapLock Truly Made in The U.S.A.

Snaplock industries is a family run modular flooring company in Salt Lake City Utah. Their 150,000 square foot manufacturing of all their products runs 24 hours, 365 days a year. SnapLock has been in flooring business for more than 30 years. SnapLock is the parent company of RaceDeck® garage flooring, SnapSports® athletic surfaces, DuraGrid® matting , FastDeck® portable floors and SnapLock® dance floors. According to SnapLock website their products are truly made in America.

I watched a commercial about their products and that is where I discovered their website with the American flag flying in front of their business. What a beautiful picture. I had to reach out to them and get their permission to use and tell their incredible story. SnapLock  proud enough to fly the American flag. SnapLock is also proud to make all their products here in the great USA. An article on their website stating, truly made in U.S.A caught my eye. I know many companies say made in America but you often wonder if all their products really are.

SnapLock makes their products in the U.S.A at 100 percent.

Check out SnapLock’s about us page where whey explain how they are truly in-house from designing to producing their own molds. Even to the person who loads the truck for shipment. 100% American made from start to finish. It is great to here about a company that is committed to do everything in house and not relying on outsourcing.

Keeping it Green

If you go to SnapLock’s website you will see the page titled, Keeping it Green. SnapLock gives you bullet points on how they are the greenest manufacturing facilities in the modular. Some things they do is recycle all papers and cardboard. They also use steel in their molds recyclable. They strive many more ways to keep their facility green.


Author: karlritter

I am on a quest, maybe you can help. I love seeing American flags flying. I just get chills of pride. I think it is great to see American flags flying in front of businesses big or small. I think of how the company got started, who owns it, who are the people behind it and what do they do. Service or product ?. Isn't this one of the things that makes this country great? I am talking about, entrepreneurship. I am gathering a list in m travels of companies big or small proud enough to fly the American Flag.Here are a few businesses flying the American flag.

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