American Flag Flying at Puglia’s Produce


American Flag Flying at Puglia's Produce
Puglia’s Produce Flag

American Flag Flying at Puglia’s Produce. A small produce business that sits in a very good location. It sits on a corner lot at a traffic light. Puglia has good traffic on both roads and think about the traffic stopping at the traffic lights seeing all the great products and produce they sell. Puglia fly’s the American Flag at two different places on their property. Their produce corner is open from March to December. Puglia’s also gives a discount to active duty. Puglia’s sells fresh fruits, vegetables,flowers and Christmas trees. check their Fsacebook page here.

You heard it before, location, location, location. A good or great location turn into sales. It is free advertising. traffic goes by and sees a business. Look a McDonald’s and Wal-marts. Those locations are not just randomly picked it is a science.

Send me your business story along with a picture of your American Flag flying on your property. I will share on this site.